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Environmental, Health, & Safety

Among our highest priorities, Schumacher Companies has a strong commitment to the protection of people, the environment and company resources while providing competitive products and services in a sustainable manner. This approach delivers quality for our customers, protects the health of our employees, and supports the communities we serve.

Schumacher has established company-wide Environmental, Health & Safety management objectives and processes for improving operational discipline and evolving inherent safety measures for plant operation. Our EHS program has objectives to protect the environment, human health and prevent pollution, injury, illness, by complying with all applicable EHS regulations, legal and other requirements. Our Quality, Environmental Health & Safety Policy Statement has the full commitment of our executive management team and is actively communicated and implemented at every Schumacher Companies location. In addition, The Internal Audit Program is designated to ensure that the EHS management standards are implemented and best practices followed and shared across the Schumacher companies.

Schumacher Companies believes that all injuries, occupational illness as well as safety and environmental incidents are preventable.
In particular, Schumacher companies are committed to:
Create and maintain a safe work environment and protect our employees, contractors and customers from being injured.
Take appropriate measures to prevent environmental incidents and maximize recycle to reduce waste, discharges and emissions.
Minimize adverse impact on environment by preventing spills and emissions; by reducing toxic- and hazardous-chemical usage; and by conserving energy and water wherever practical.
Comply with all applicable EHS laws and regulations, and also take any additional measures considered necessary to go beyond compliance.
Create a culture of learning and practicing Environmental, Health and Safety systems, procedures and practices among all its employees and contractors.
Schumacher is also committed to ensuring environmentally sustainable and responsible operations to achieve highest standards of excellence. Our facilities have not only instituted internationally accepted Quality Management System based on ISO-9001:2008, but have also integrated with Environmental Management System based on ISO-14001:2007 and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems based on OSHAS-18001: 2007