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E.R. Schumacher

In 1941, E.R. Schumacher founded Schumacher Company. He had a vision of creating value for customers by providing processes that offer wear/abrasion protection, excellent corrosion protection, and dimensional sizing options.

The Schumacher Company thrived and was very successful by recruiting great employees who worked hard to provide its customers with good coating solutions, quality, and reasonable lead times.
In 1977, the Schumacher Company was offering hard chrome, grind, and electroless nickel coatings to their customer base. Bob Schumacher, now 2nd generation, saw a need for other types of coatings besides just plating; therefore Spraymetal Inc. was established. Spraymetal began offering customers metallizing, hard surfacing, heat treating, and ceramic coatings.

The Schumacher Companies began to grow even more, and Bob Schumacher saw it was getting difficult to service their current customer base.In 1981, Bob Schumacher negotiated a deal to acquire another long time hard chrome plating company, Dixie Electroplating Co. Based out of Houston, Dixie had been doing large capacity hard chrome since the 1930's.

In 2005, the Schumacher Companies recognized the growth in the Oil and Gas Industry and decided to establish a 2nd Spraymetal location. This new location offered more capacities for Spraymetal to better serve its customer base, and also now serves as the Schumacher Companies corporate office.

Seeing the need for even more development in 2008, The Schumacher Companies purchased two additional locations across the street from Schumacher Company's original location. At these locations, Schumacher Companies perform chemical strip operations and tungsten carbide processing.

In 2010, now with the 3rd generation Andrew Schumacher at the helm, recognized the Oil and Gas industry was busier than ever. Schumacher Company planned and executed a very large expansion specific to their Mud Rotor business. This expansion included more capacity for hard chrome, sulfamate nickel, HVOF tungsten carbide, and all of the pre- and post polishing required to support these processes for mud rotors.

Over the last 75 years, the Schumacher Companies have seen many changes and innovations. The Schumacher Companies now consist of three companies with six locations in Houston, TX with more than 175,000 square feet of processing space between all of our locations. E.R., Bob, and Andrew Schumacher have built their companies on a reputation of plating and finishing various sizes and offering some of the largest capacities available in the plating industry. Andrew Schumacher has said that his family has always taken great pride in offering high quality processes and solutions, which have created value for our customers.