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Texas Oilman's Charity Invitational Fishing Tournament - Matagorda July 16th-18th '2015
The Schumacher Companies host and participate in a variety of events that foster civic and organizational growth. It is our ongoing mission and belief that as an organization we can do good things together and in partnership with other organizations.
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The Schumacher Companies were featured in Energy Executive Magazine. Our President and Vice President were interviewed with numerous questions on what makes our company unique. Here’s a sneak peek of the interview .

Energy Executive: What would you say sets your company apart from its competition? Andrew Schumacher: Our three companies work closely together, offering different services which allow us to be a “one-stop shop.” This opportunity enables our customers to save in production cost and lead time. We believe in going the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction, accepting no less than the highest quality and best service. Our large plating tanks set us apart from others in the industry. Dixie Electroplating can chrome plate parts up to 30 feet in length, and Schumacher has capabilities for handling products up to 22 feet in length. The Schumacher Companies have continued to expand over the years, which have increased our capabilities and production. Whether a project is big or small, our more than 100,000-squarefoot plant locations can handle projects oftentimes impossible for our competitors. To see more, please visit:
Energy Executive: Schumacher Companies

In 2013, Products Finishing published a great article on the Schumacher Companies capacity, expansions, and future plans. Here is a quick preview:
“Just about everything is bigger in Texas these days, especially when it comes to plating and finishing in the oil and gas industry.
Ask James Sullivan to give you a tour of Schumacher Industries’ operation in Houston and the vice president and chief operating officer of the company will walk you through several huge buildings, across a street and around massive plating tanks that stretch 30 feet in depth.”
To see the entire article, please visit:
Platers Grows Bigger in Texas with Oil and Gas Customers